ASM-15 AC Aerodynamic separating machine

Productivity in primary grain cleaning, within

15 tons per hour

Productivity in seed material calibration, within

7 tons per hour

Power consumption

0,2 - 2,2 кВт, 380В, 50Гц


5500 mm


1150 mm


2790 mm


630 kg

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Advantages of ASМ-15 grain-cleaning machine with a aspiration chamber

ASМ-15 AC Grain-cleaning machine, available in our company, has a number of significant advantages:

  • no additional air purification is required, which enables to install our equipment indoors;
  • the equipment works with material of any humidity and foreign matter content;
  • the presence of a aspiration chamber allows saving up to 30% of electric power;
  • due to the circulation of warmer air in the machine during the cleaning process, the grain is dried;
  • 2 years guarantee;
  • enlarged loading hopper;
  • suitable for cleaning and calibration of all types of bulk materials.
ASM-15 with aspiration chamber Завод АгроМаш ASM-15 with aspiration chamber

ASM-15 AC Aerodynamic separating machine

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