Calibration and cleaning of rapeseed. The importance of cleaning and the equipment used

Rape is a plant whose importance for industrial and economic purposes grows literally every day. Such an important status, represented by the oilseed culture, has acquired due to the fact that from the end of the 20th century it was used for biofuel production. The dynamically increasing profitability of rapeseed production entails a corresponding expansion of plant acreage.

The magnitude of the role of rape in human life

Of course, fuel is not the only target product for which such large-scale industrial rapeseeds are being made. The result of manipulations with the grain is also:

  • Oil, actively used in food, textile, leather, and also the metallurgical industry. Among other things, oil is a component in a variety of detergents and cosmetics.
  • The basis for nutritious mixed fodders. Oilcake and rape cake are truly unique concentrated ingredients that allow you to create mixed fodders and premixes with a high protein index.

The importance of rape in the scale of the economy and industry is quite large, but immediately after harvesting, the valuable grains are sent to the further path of processing and transformation? The unequivocal answer is no. In its initial form after harvesting, the rapeseed contains a wide variety of impurities and rubbish, it is possible to get rid of them only by cleaning and sorting.

Cleaning the fruit - is it important?

The degree of humidity, the intended purpose, as well as the contamination of the crop, affects the order and volume of treatment activities. Practical experience has proved that timely and conscientiously processed rapeseed seeds are stored several times better. Moreover, a well-cleaned fruit has rather high yield characteristics - this fact also reflects on the profitability of the industry as a whole. The use of clean and adjusted material for sowing affects the degree of weediness in the fields for the better.

Grouping rape is carried out by such characteristics as:

  • the size;
  • aerodynamics;
  • density.

And so on.

In order to meet the modern quality requirements in a way that is so valuable by properties, and also meet the necessary characteristics of yield and seeding properties, it is necessary to use the proper equipment. In particular, the technological process of preparing rapeseed is inconceivable without a technique capable of cleaning and calibrating the crop by its specific weight. Our grain cleaning machines can not only cleanse the rape, but also calibrate it with high quality and the performance you need, depending on the model you choose.

Classification of equipment for processing cereals

Equipment whose task is to clean and calibrate rapeseed is usually classified according to specific characteristics that depend on the process they perform: calibration or one of the degrees of purification of the grain crop. At preliminary clearing such units which allocate from all weight of grains not less than half of weed particles are involved. If we talk about primary cleaning of rapeseed, then the permissible residue of impurities in fruits can be up to 10 percent of the total mass. The most verified grain is obtained as a result of secondary treatment measures.

Today, a variety of equipment is used to divide the crop of rape into fractions and to clean it up by:

  • integral size, degree of friction coefficient, and density - the sieve, which are fixed irrevocably at some angle of inclination;
  • length - surface structures with special holes;
  • width - lattice containers with round holes;
  • form - gratings, the holes of which can be triangular or any other shaped;
  • thickness - containers with elongated holes;
  • magnetic properties - magnetic separation method;
  • surface texture - an inclined platform with a pile;
  • characteristic of elasticity - method of separation by means of vibro-impact action;
  • aerodynamic properties - channels corresponding to a pneumatically separating type.

Grain cleaning equipment is quite simple in its operation and maintenance, and most of the modern models can combine both the cleaning task and the sorting.

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