Grain separators - types, advantages of use

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What is a grain separator?

They are machines used for separation. The word 'separation' is literally translated from Latin as "dissociation" and, in the agriculture context, means grain cleaning and separation into fractions. The process depends on distinctive product features - its weight, density, size, etc.

Why do we need separation?

At the initial harvesting, we get a mixture called sheaf. The bulk of the sheaf is comprised of grain, however, it also contains a large number of the following elements:

  • insects and their remains;
  • grain husks;
  • straw;
  • ryegrass;
  • gravel;
  • sand;
  • dust;
  • weeds and weed seeds.

Combines filter out some of the waste during the harvesting process, however, in order to clean and calibrate the seeds for good, you need to use grain separators - a special equipment which you can buy from us at affordable prices.

The ultimate goal is to divide the sheaf into four parts:

  • Wastes. Include all impurities, as well as damaged, sprouted and pest-infested grains of the main crop.
  • Fodder. Fodder grain is used as a livestock feed. It allows for a small amount of impurities and moisture.
  • Seed material. Seed grain allows for insignificant pest infestation, impurity content up to 3% and relatively high moisture.
  • Food grain. Grains of the highest quality used in flour manufacture. The food grain standards allow for the minimum content of impurities, low moisture and the absence of pests.

Thus, high-quality separation is the key to good yield, livestock health and the quality of human food.

Kinds of separators

If you want to buy a grain separator, you should know all possible kinds of separators. Basically, they can be divided into two groups:

  • simple;
  • complex.

Simple devices separate sheaf into two parts - grain and waste. Complex models are more efficient and often represent a combination of simple ones.

Types of separators

At the moment, the following types of separating machines are used in Ukraine:

  • Sieve separators. Sieve models basically consist of a moving sieve, continuously shaken, tossing sheaf into the air. Thus, the grain is divided by size. Some models are equipped with various sieves of different sizes and openings to achieve the best result.
  • Air separators. Air is used to clean the sheaf of light impurities. The grain is poured into the air separator and falls down the pneumatic channel, meeting air resistance. The air lifts up light impurities and carries them into the waste pipe.
  • Indented cylinder separators. Such separators consist of indented cylinders with special openings. They separate the grain by the length, and are useful to separate the bastard oat and the hellebore from the grain.
  • Aspiration separators. Also referred to as the aspiration columns, these machines are used to separate light impurities by their aerodynamic properties. Grain mixture falls into the vibrating tray which aligns it horizontally. In this state, it enters the airstream which lifts up light impurities, and the grains keep moving.
  • Aerodynamic separators. They clean and calibrate the grain with the help of weight and gravity. They can separate almost all types of impurities and are considered the most efficient.

Aerodynamic separator

After getting into the feeding hopper, the sheaf starts to fall down and immediately gets into the air stream, which blows aside light impurities. Heavy impurities which cannot be removed by the air fall right down. Quality grains get blown a little further away and arrive above the sorting containers. The heaviest ones fall into the grain container. The rest fly some more and fall into containers for fodder and food grains.

The weight factor allows for accurate separation of such complex impurities as seeds of other plants, as well as sprouted, damaged and pest-infested grain of the main crop. Due to its ability to separate almost all types of impurities, these machines are used for primary and secondary cleaning, as well as for drying and calibration. One machine is capable of providing greater productivity and cleaning efficiency than a set of sieve, indented cylinder, air and aspiration separators.


There are several reasons why our aerodynamic grain separators are worth buying:

  • Swiftness. They clean and sort the grains much faster than traditional grain separators. The most powerful models are capable of processing up to 200 tons of material per hour.
  • Efficiency. The germination capacity of seeds obtained in this way reaches 98%, with a minimum amount of impurities and moisture.
  • Economical efficiency. These models save power, and do not damage grain during processing.
  • Reliability. The machine has practically no complex parts, moving mechanisms and lubrication points. The simplicity of design ensures its reliability and minimizes the necessary maintenance.
  • Multi-purpose design. Changing the intensity of the air flow, you can use the machine for all types of grain crops, vegetable seeds and berries.

Why is it worth working with us?

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  • quality;
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